Introducing.....the Electro Push motor

This was designed by my 3'rd grade son during a summer visit to my office.  It is currently in the hands of the electrical design committee who are working to finish up the details.

We are located just a few miles from the Kennedy Space Center....come and visit!

Rex Engineering is a family owned and operated gearmotor manufacturer in Titusville, Florida.  We have been in business since 1974, and are moving confidently forward to provide excellent service and quality workmanship.  We are also focused on the goals of maintaining competitive pricing and constant design improvements resulting in more reliable and versatile products. 

We manufacture most of the components for our motors in house, including all the gears, custom shafts and AC powered motors.  In recent years, we have added increased CNC capacity, and we know that this trend will continue as our customers demand higher complexity, and more precise designs.

Recent additions to our product line include: brushless DC gearmotors, linear motion gearmotors, and planetary gearmotors.